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The Goal

In the recent decade, with increasing traffic congestion and parking shortage, we evidence the emergence of personal vehicles, narrower than ordinary cars. Narrow vehicles are inherently less stable on turns. The technology of Tiltech solves this problem.

The Technology

The tilting in our technology is performed naturally by the internal mechanism, through steering, which requires no additional energy for the tilting, and also is not limited in speed. This is unlike existing technologies for tilting vehicles which use actuators or gear motors, which are energy consuming and limited in speed at turns.

Tiltech's autonomous steering is intended to be implemented in narrow cars, and performs actions that are similar to the actions done by the motorbike rider. Unlike a motorbike rider, the driver only needs to turn the steering wheel in the direction he or she wants to turn.

The process of tilting the vehicle must precede its steering. On a motorbike, this tilt is carried out by the rider, previous to the steer. Tiltech technology performs it autonomously before steering the wheels, upon the turn of the steering wheel by the driver, all the way from standstill.

Additional Implementations

Tiltech's technology can be applied to high vehicles to increase their stability at turns. Vehicles such as trucks, high ATV's and others which feature a high center of mass relative to their width.

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